Why Do Spinal Clinics Work Better for Back and Neck Injuries?

When it comes to having your body work in a way that’s medically sound, few parts of the body are more important than the spine. A strong spine allows us to remain upright and function that way, and nearly every important nerve connection in the body must travel to or from the spine.

Given all that, the spine is tremendously complex, and when its involved in illness or disease the spine can be incredibly difficult to treat because of the interactive nature of what it does. It’s not uncommon to bounce from one doctor to another when spinal problems occur, only to have each doctor fail to isolate an effective treatment protocol.

A good spinal clinic changes all that. These clinics centralize spinal treatment by bringing together the expertise of multiple medical experts, making it possible to quickly and effectively treat any spinal issues.

But how does a spinal clinic work when it comes to the specifics? Which doctors are involved, and how does the process work?

Generally speaking, the process starts when your doctor refers to you to a spinal clinic for some kind of back or neck problem. You may then be evaluated by physiatrists, many of whom have additional training in treating specific spinal disorders.

If your problems are more severe, a good spinal clinic will also have both orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons on staff. These specialists have the expertise to diagnose and solve more complex problems that might baffle other doctors.

If you do end up having surgery or some other form of invasive treatment, rehabilitation is another important area where a good spine clinic can be invaluable. In these instances, you may be referred to pain management physicians and physical therapists who will combine their expertise to get you back on your feet and moving as quickly as possible.

Given the various treatment paths that may come into play, medical teamwork is essential for a spinal clinic to work effectively. This is where these clinics have a distinct advantage with multiple specialists under one roof, allowing referrals and effective treatment to begin almost immediately.

If you do end up consulting a spinal clinic for a specific medical problem, its important to ask the right questions and present accurate version of your symptoms. This will help you get the most from the services these clinics offer, and it also represents your best chance of getting the best possible medical outcome, regardless of your symptoms before diagnosis and treatment.

[I did this as a general overview of what a spinal clinic does and how it can help, used the keyword multiple times. Please let me know if you need anything else.]

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