What are the Best Metals for Belly Button Rings?

So You Want a Belly Button Ring…

Why wouldn’t you? It’s a piercing you can hide in most workplaces. (By the way, we wouldn’t judge you if you worked in a place where you couldn’t hide it.) Belly button rings also look cute with crop tops and swimsuits. However, there’s more to getting a belly button ring than combining practicality and making a free-spirited fashion statement. For example, you have to decide what metal would be best for your piercing.

We’ve got your back—er, belly… You know what we mean..

A Quick Guide to Metals Used in Belly Button Piercings

Your belly button ring is probably going to be made of 316L surgical steel, G23 titanium, Bioflex, or 14K solid gold. Although choosing a piercing is definitely a case where looks matter, you should probably do a little research on the types of metal before you choose between a solid gold or titanium belly button ring. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 316L Surgical Steel: This is probably the most common metal used in belly button piercings. The popularity of 316L surgical steel piercing stems from their durability, timeless silver shine, and the huge selection of designs. Before you choose a 316L surgical steel piercing, however, you should know these piercings contain small amounts of nickel and may get discolored over time.
  • G23 Titanium: G23 Titanium belly button rings are perfect for the piercing newbie because they are lighter than surgical steel, durable, and 100% nickel-free. If you have an allergy or sensitive skin, we suggest choosing a titanium belly button ring for your first piercing. The downside to titanium belly button rings is they tend to be more expensive than surgical steel.
  • Bioflex: Bioflex belly button rings are probably the most comfortable and affordable option. The flexibility and lightweight feel make Bioflex perfect for an active wearer. If you spend a lot of time at the gym, the beach, or yoga class, this bendy, sweat-proof piercing could be your best bet. Unfortunately, Bioflex piercings are prone to breakage and some wearers say they “feel cheap.”
  • 14K Solid Gold: This precious metal is the prime pick for people with nickel allergies who want a touch of luxury on their navel. As you can imagine, this is the most expensive option available and probably not a good choice for those on a budget.

A belly button piercing can be a fun fashion statement or hold a deeper meaning, depending on the wearer. However, any way you choose to express yourself should be something that fits your life and makes you feel good. No matter what metal you choose, make sure you take into account your lifestyle, any skin sensitivities or allergies, and your budget.

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