Process of Buying Online T-Shirts Based on a Good Review

Buying t-shirts online can be a difficult task. With the vast amount of companies offering t-shirts, specific sizing requirements, and varying quality of shirts, shopping can often be an arduous process. However, there are many ways to make the experience less frustrating! One great way to find t-shirts is by reading reviews.

Process of Buying Online T-Shirts

1. Know your Size and Style

Before you even begin looking for t-shirts, it is important to know precisely what you want. You need to know all the details about your t-shirt including what style of shirt you want (short or long sleeve, crew neck or v-neck, etc.), the size of the shirt that you need, the color of your preferred shirt, and more. While these details can be found on some sites (such as, they are often not listed on other websites.

2. Let Other People Know What You Like

While you need to do your research, it is also important to let others know what you like. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers what styles of shirts you like, so that they can suggest other sites that they like. Sometimes specific websites will have special events where they send out free samples of their products. Also check social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see what your friends are wearing.

3. Check for Special Offers

Many times there are special offers for t-shirts on specific websites. You may be able to get free shipping or a discount code that will allow you to receive a free shirt or other free products within the time frame of your purchase! However, be careful because some scam websites offer fake discounts and free shipping before charging your credit card with money that you did not initially pay for.

4. Check Reviews

Checking online reviews for certain websites or products can be a great way to know that you are getting the best deal or conversely are about to purchase a low-quality t-shirt from a website that you should avoid. Ensure that the reviews are from real reviewers and not just fabricated review that doesn’t have any merit. While some reviews may not be so critical of a product (giving it 5 stars), the negative reviews can give you insight into how the company responds to their customers and whether or not they are willing to replace or refund your order.


Go through True Classic Reviews and see what reviewers are saying about the company. Check for special offers and try to get free shipping to save money. Some websites may have a small number of negative reviews but you can figure out the company’s responses to their customers by checking reviews with 4 or 5-star ratings.

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