How Personalized Nutrition Works

When it comes to food and good health, scientists and nutritionists are always looking for the next big thing.

Currently, it’s “personalized nutrition,” which is basically a buzzword based on the idea that specially-tailored diets will work better than a general approach when it comes to maintaining a healthy body.

Is the idea viable? Depends on who you ask. Skeptics tend to dismiss personalized nutrition as the latest extension of fad diets, a concept that can be used to sell expensive food and supplements that may or may not work.

But there is some evidence that the concept has value, especially if you look at the work of companies like the Solution IV.

Indeed, the spectacular growth of the diet industry offers plenty of evidence that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t working, with more and more people trying to try alternate options.

Much of the evidence is based on a body of research that indicates that dietary success may indeed be more personalized than scientists have believed. Not everyone does best on a low-fat or a high-fat diet, for instance, and beyond that, the universal appeal of any diet other than the so-called Mediterranean diet may be at least somewhat limited.

What personalized nutrition does is simply take that concept to the next level. Basically, the idea is that everything a person should be eating is encoded in our DNA ,with research focused on tailoring food to certain biomarkers and then applying that knowledge in realistic settings.

Another promising area of focus is on the gut microbiome.

This is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of personalized nutrition—scientists are currently discovering new links between the brain, the body as a whole, and gut bacteria.

Anything that does harm or damages the gut bacteria will compromise our overall health, and in ways that have been impossible to anticipate.

For better or worse, though, personalized nutrition has generated a certain amount of growth in fad diets and bizarre concepts. Any claims of miracle cures or instant weight loss should be taken with the appropriate grain of salt, so to speak, and most of the focus right now should be on practical eating habits to improve good health.

One of the biggest benefits of the personalized nutrition movement, however, is to isolate and emphasize the damaging possibilities of certain foods that were once thought healthy, including trans fats, sugar, and so on.

If you are looking for a viable personalized nutrition company, though, you should at least take a look at the Solution IV. The company’s approach is grounded in conservative science and nutrition, and you can definitely benefit from this.

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