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Captain Mike recording our show at the Casita Del Polaris in Ithaca, N.Y. 

Had an enjoyable evening of playing with the band last night. The only fall out is that on the drive home I can feel overwhelmingly emotional. Maybe singing for two hours and revisiting all of the songs and things
that inspired the songs. An emotional hang over I'm guessing. I'm not really sure, but that is one diagnosis. That and being listened too...oh no...here it comes again.

just a wave not the water... 

Next week is the 25th anniversary of a local and hugely popular event..the  Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance . When I reminisce  over this massive reunion of musicians and friends, my thoughts bounce like a super ball. Jimmie Dale Gilmore is still a stand out...sun setting behind him, hair blowing in the wind as he sang "just a wave not the water'..and following that was dancing zydeco through the night and then waltzing to Los Pochos as the sun rose. A favorite would be seeing my dear friend Kathy Ziegler singing her achingly touching songs in a sweat drenched Caberet hall on a Sunday morning. Kathy will be singing us this year...I feel lucky..

Joe Novelli  

Joe Novelli  will be joining us at Felicia's in Ithaca  this Sunday June 14th. Joe lives in Tucson and graces his home town here every so often...and we are excited that this time we get to play with him. I adore Joe...

WRFI & Crawfish 

played on my friend's radio show here in Ithaca a  couple of nights ago...WRFI with Eric Martinez & company.  Learned a thing or two....don't re-adjust vocal mic when a record is spinning in close proximity...(sorry John Hartford). ..a sac of crawfish can feed at least twelve people...and community radio is the bomb! WRFI

finding Nina.... 

A web page announces that they are "under construction." ?... I suppose that's how I have been feeling the last year or two...and it's a good thing. Part of the process has been gaining faith in my  music and in that undertaking gathering support in surprising ways. Last night I could not stop watching Nina Simone's videos and documentary's... what I witnessed was such power, fear, anger, and an absolute willingness to dive in to what she believed she was born to do.


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Jennie Lowe Stearns/Johnny Dowd/Avalanche solo

The Dock, Ithaca, N.Y.

I'll be sharing the night with Johnny Dowd & Avalanche. Three sets. I'm playing solo. I go on first.